Ford’s Grand Mama Mia

Tennessee Walking Horse with barn name of Mia

Mia is a beautiful registered TWHBEA golden palomino mare who is graceful and carries herself well.  She has cute markings from head to tail.  Mia has a star, strip, snip, two socks, a stocking and thick mane and tail.  She not only has the looks but a sweet personality and great conformation which has been passed on from her sire and dam. She also has two World Grand Champions, Sun’s Delight D. and  Midnight Sun, in her bloodline.  We estimate she will mature to 15-15.2H.

On April 1st of 2012, Mia started under saddle with a professional natural horsemanship trainer and is very willing and eager to learn.  She is athletic,  smart, sensitive and tries really hard.  She licks her lips more than any other horse we have raised and usually learns something on the first try.  She has lots of potential to be a show horse, endurance horse  or a great companion on the trial. 

We give all the horses we breed and raise the personalized attention they need to mature into pleasant mannered horses to own.  It is our goal to expose them to as many objects, obstacles and experiences as possible to help them build their confidence and grow.  On a regular basis we work on ground manners so our horses are respectful and stand for the farrier or vet and are easy to catch and halter or load/unload in a trailer.    All of our horses are well taken care of and are wormed and up to date on their shots.  We are proud of our breeding program and we know you would be too if you owned one of our horses.

Price: $7,500.00
Registered Name: Ford’s Grand Mama Mia
TWHBEA Registration #: 21002784
Sex: Mare
Date Of Birth: 7/2/10
Estimated Height: 15-15.2H
Sire: Ford’s Majestic Ivory
Dame: I’m Over It
Full Siblings: I’m A Majestic Ford (Maggie)


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